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Trucking & Transportation

Our Practice

For cases routine and catastrophic, Clement Rivers, LLP’s Trucking and Transportation Practice Group enjoys national recognition for its track record of favorable outcomes in defense of its transportation industry clients in personal injury, property and cargo claims involving:

Large transports
Terminal vehicles
Port vehicles
Other forms of mass transport and commercial transportation

Knowledge and Prevention
The group’s attorneys place great emphasis on training. The attorneys themselves participate in industry-sponsored training courses, including extensive tractor-trailer driving courses. The firm then assists clients with routine training on issues including hours of service, accident prevention, driver training and education, background checks for drivers and other operational matters.

To further facilitate their training, the Group’s lawyers are highly active in industry-related trade organizations such as the:

American Trucking Association
Transportation Lawyers Association (TLA)
Trucking Industry Defense Association (TIDA)
Defense Research Institute (DRI)
American Bar Association Commercial Transportation Litigation Committee
Association of Transportation Law and Logistics Policy (ATLLP)

Practical Advice
The group’s attorneys address seemingly small, practical matters that can make a big difference.

Making sure lawsuits are filed in the correct court
Advising on whether it is appropriate to make an offer of judgment or how to respond to a time-limit demand for payment
Determining whether mediation or arbitration are required for a particular claim
Discovering whether joint and several liability applies to an award of damages
Affixing the legal rate of interest for an awarding elit.

Articles and Case Studies


Clement Rivers, LLP is a member of the nationally recognized ALFA International Trucking and Transportation Group, through which the group’s attorneys maintain contacts and relationships within the industry. Direct industry involvement keeps the group’s lawyers sharp, and ensures that their representation reflects current industry practices.

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