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Community Association Law

Our Practice

The Community Association Law Group provides legal counsel to numerous homeowners associations in and around Charleston on matters including:

Homeowner dispute resolution
Debt and foreclosure issues
Assessment collection
Enforcement of restrictions and covenants
Construction defects
Warranty claims
Financing issues
Disputes with government entities
Road maintenance
Voting rights
Drafting and review of governing documents, master deeds, and bylaws
Amending documents
Escrow agreements
Disputes over payment of dues
Serving as general counsel for boards of directors
Resale disclosure
HOA rights and authority
Foreclosure actions

Our Clients

In the Charleston Metro and coastal areas of South Carolina, the firm represents

property owner’s associations
homeowner’s associations
condominium regimes
developers of planned communities subject to covenants and restrictions
insurance carriers who have claims involving homeowners associations


The group’s attorneys are experience litigators as well as negotiators, with extensive experience in mediation, arbitration, and other alternative forms of dispute resolution.

Community Association Laws

The group’s attorneys have a thorough understanding of the Non-Profit Association Act and the Horizontal Property Act governing condominium developments. They assist clients in keeping current on all HOA laws and regulations.

Community Association Institute (CAI)

Joseph DaPore and Amanda DeMato work closely with the South Carolina Chapter of the CAI to promote the interests of community associations. Joe is an active member of the South Carolina Legislative Action Committee of CAI. This Committee was voted as the best CAI – Legislative Action committee nationally last year. Mr. DaPore has testified before the state senate on community association issues and helps give the CAI-LAC committee input with the drafting and monitoring of new legislation and has spoken at many seminars on various aspects of community association law.

Non-Profit Corporations

Clement Rivers, LLP’s attorneys are available to provide legal advice on

the formation of non-profit corporations
tax questions related to community associations
formation of horizontal property regimes
construction issues involving condominiums and the conversion of apartments to condominiums.
Clement Rivers, LLP can provide an entire array of services to the community manager or to the Boards of the associations. If you have any questions contact Joseph E. DaPore at (843) 577-4000 or

Drafting Legal Documents

William Bates has extensive experience drafting governing documents such as Master Deeds, By-Laws, Covenants and Restrictions for condominium regimes and property owner’s associations. He is also available to draft any needed amendments to governing documents which may be requested by the Boards of these associations.

Our Attorneys


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