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Admiralty & Maritime

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Clement Rivers, LLP’s experienced admiralty and maritime lawyers are known for their comprehensive understanding of the many complex and intricate aspects of this specialized area of the law.

Maritime law comes into play in matters involving:

Ships, barges, tugs
Shipping, towing, salvage, or transport
Ports, docks, wharfs, marinas, or gangways
Fisheries, charters, and boats or vessels for hire
Maritime or marine contracts
Collisions, allisions, sinkings
Personal injury, death, or property damage
Diving, commercial or recreational
Personal watercraft and jet skis

With more than 30 years of maritime experience, the practice group handles numerous matters in the maritime field, including:

Jones Act claims
Death on the High Seas Act claims
Carriage of Goods by Sea Act (COGSA) claims
Longshore and Harbor Workers Act (LHWA claims)
Seaworthiness claims
Navigation or improper lookout claims
Salvage claims
General maritime claims

The Admiralty and Maritime Law Practice Group represents parties in recreational and commercial admiralty claims, and frequently supports the interests of corporate and insurance clients in maritime matters.

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