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  • Preventing a Ransomware Attack

    If you have been paying attention at all, or even just reading the titles of these blogs, you know that ransomware is one of the biggest cyber risks that your company is currently facing.  There are steps you can take (which should be in your cyber security policy) to prevent the initial intrusion, such as…

    Posted 8/25/2020
  • Responding to a Breach

    You have probably heard about many companies lately that were victims of some sort of cyber security attack.  Ransomware seems to be the order of the day, and more often than not companies pay the ransom so that they can get the information released as soon as possible.  Typically hackers will demand fairly low amounts…

    Posted 8/11/2020
  • SCWCC Information and Statistics

    Since new and exciting developments in SC Workers’ Compensation law are presently few and far between, below is a mid-year update on some things going on at the SCWCC. Effective June 15th, the Department of Administration initiated Phase 2 of the re-entry to work program. The primary focus of the phase was for state agencies…

    Posted 8/6/2020