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Are You Protecting Your Personal Cyber Assets?

Leslie Whitten

If you rely on your IT department to protect your company’s assets, you’re not alone.  To an extent, there is wisdom in hiring and trusting good people.  However, a very large number of hacks happen because of non-IT personnel user error, such as falling prey to a phishing scam.  So security policies, and adequate, regular training on those policies, is still required.

What about your personal computer that contains your banking information, credit card information, and other personally identifiable information?  Chances are you don’t have a professionally trained IT person protecting that.  One thing you can do is use a password manager, such as Dashlane or LastPass, to help you create different secure passwords for every website you use; this is useful because if one of the websites you use get hacked, it’s less likely that a hacker will be able to figure out your passwords on other websites.  Cipher has a practical article with their top ten tips for your personal cyber security.  I recommend everyone give it a quick read to ensure that you are doing everything you can to protect your assets.