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  • A Couple of New Risks and A Remote Work Plan

    In the last few weeks, two new cyber risks have come to light:  one was a critical Remote Code Execution vulnerability (CVE-2020-5902) and the other is malware meant to target QNAP NAS devices.  Please check out those links if this could effect you. With more and more people working remotely, some employers have seen enough…

    Posted 7/28/2020
  • Recurring Medical Treatment Issues

    Nearly every workers’ compensation claimant requires some amount of medical treatment.  Obviously, some claims are very minor and the medical treatment is limited.  Those claims are normally referred to as medical only claims and do not involve issues of temporary total or permanent partial disability.  In cases where the medical treatment becomes more extensive, that…

    Posted 7/21/2020
  • Are You Protecting Your Personal Cyber Assets?

    If you rely on your IT department to protect your company’s assets, you’re not alone.  To an extent, there is wisdom in hiring and trusting good people.  However, a very large number of hacks happen because of non-IT personnel user error, such as falling prey to a phishing scam.  So security policies, and adequate, regular…

    Posted 7/14/2020
  • Workers’ Comp Fundamentals: Stopping TTD Payments in South Carolina

    We typically use our blog to provide timely updates on workers’ compensation issues in South Carolina, but from time to time it is helpful to get back to the basics.  Today’s post is a refresher on the SC Workers’ Compensation Act’s rules for stopping temporary total disability (TTD) payments. A claimant’s entitlement to TTD benefits…

    Posted 7/8/2020