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The Cyber War Rages On

Leslie Whitten

With more terrifying news every day about what is happening around the world and in the streets of our country, it is easy to get forget about things like best cyber practices.  Please don’t take a holiday on that; hackers will not.  Michigan State University is just the latest victim of a ransomware attack by the NetWalker group.  A British budget airline has recently been hacked, many believe by Chinese hijackers, with credit card information of thousands being accessed.  Many, many more businesses and individuals are hacked daily that simply don’t make cyber news headlines.

And there is never an end to vulnerabilities.  Security researchers found a critical vulnerability in VMware Cloud Director, a platform allowing companies to conduct business via the cloud; the flaw could be abused to take over corporate servers. 

If you have employees working from home, outside of the protection of the corporate firewall, there is an increased risk of becoming a target for hackers.  Continue to take precautions, like the use of VPNs, and maintain clear guidelines for acceptable uses of a work computer. 

As always, phishing scams or inadvertent malware downloads are risks that can be mitigated by proper security measures, policies, and training.  Please contact us with questions or if you need help in this regard.