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  • Major Electronic Claims Management Overhaul at the SC Commission

    The South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Commission (SCWCC) recently announced that it will be completely revamping its online claims management portal. The new system will have many new features including the ability to file all SCWCC Forms electronically and pay all fees online.  Many of you are familiar with the current eCase system.  This portal will…

    Posted 7/31/2019
  • Capital One Breached

    Equifax has been in the news a lot lately about the settlement arising out of the breach that compromised the personally identifiable information of about 150,000,000 people a couple of years back.  In the wake of that settlement, Capital One indicated that its system was hacked in March of this year, and the information of…

    Posted 7/31/2019
  • Equifax Settlement Close

    Unless you were hiding under a rock about two years ago, you likely know that Equifax suffered a major security breach that compromised the personally identifiable information of nearly 150,000,000 US citizens.  This is nearly half of the US population.  Well, apparently Equifax is about to pay up to $700,000,000 in penalties for not fixing…

    Posted 7/24/2019
  • More Fines are Coming

    In looking at the minutes of the last Full Commission business meeting, I noticed that the Claims Department at the SC Workers’ Compensation Commission reported an ever increasing amount of fines assessed since the beginning of the year.  For example, the department collected $14,000 more in fines in May than it did in April.  Whether…

    Posted 7/16/2019
  • Are You Prepared to Detect a Cyber Breach?

    The old adage said that “there are two kinds of companies: those who have been breached and those who will be breached”. The truer statement is that “there are two types of companies: those have been breached and those who don’t know they have been breached”.  On average, it takes businesses 46 days to determine…

    Posted 7/9/2019
  • The Shifting Sands of Notice and the Reasonably Conscientious Supervisor

    The 90 day notice requirement of SC Code Section 42-15-20 has been further eroded by a recent decision of the SC Court of Appeals, Nero v SCDOT in a decision filed June 26, 2019.  Section 42-15-20 requires that notice of a work related accident be given to the employer by the employee within 90 days…

    Posted 7/2/2019