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  • Don’t Overpay for Electronic Records

    On 3/21/2019, the Commission announced that it had approved changes to the Medical Service Provider Manual.  All of the changes can be accessed on the Commission website and most of them involved changes to billing codes, which are not particularly relevant from a legal standpoint; however, there was a change to the guidelines for costs…

    Posted 4/24/2019
  • The ALFA International Advantage: Getting, Storing, and Protecting Your Electronic Data

    Clement Rivers, LLP is a member of ALFA International, which is the premier global network of independent law firms.  Below are articles of featured course materials from the 2019 ALFA International – International Client Seminar (ICS) regarding electronic data.  Feel free to contact us with any questions! The ALFA International Advantage: Getting, Storing, and Protecting…

    Posted 4/23/2019
  • The NCSA Provides Valuable Cyber Security Resources for Businesses

    The National Cyber Security Alliance is a non-profit public/private partnership that works with the Department of Homeland Security, private sector sponsors, and other nonprofit collaborators to promote cyber security awareness for home users, small and medium size businesses, and primary and secondary education.  The NCSA was founded in 2001, and its founding sponsors included Symantec,…

    Posted 4/17/2019
  • Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes!

    The South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Commission will be mandating XML reporting with the IAIABC’s EDI Claims Release 3.1 standard beginning in October of 2019. The updated 3.1 trading partner tables are attached for your review. Example#1 Example#2 Example#3 We don’t really know what this means, but you probably do. It sounds like the Workers’ Compensation…

    Posted 4/16/2019
  • Has Your Information Been Compromised?

    Millions of people had their personal information compromised in 2018.  Are you one of them?  Find out by going to this website and entering your email address – https://haveibeenpwned.com/ Many people have had their data breached and don’t know it.  Make sure you change your passwords regularly, and consider a password manager.  As always, feel…

    Posted 4/5/2019