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  • Defending Questionable P&T Claims: How to Avoid a Lump of Coal in your Workers’ Comp Stocking

    Happy Holidays from the Workers’ Compensation Practice Group at Clement Rivers, LLP!  In preparing this year end article, I reviewed some notable 2018 decisions from our South Carolina appeals courts. This one jumped out at me as particularly instructive – and potentially problematic – for employers and insurance carriers. I hope this summary will provide…

    Posted 12/19/2018
  • The 52 Weeks of Christmas

    Few things in workers’ compensation law generate as much dispute as how to compute ending a claimant’s average weekly wage when the claimant is working a concurrent and part-time job.  Consider, for example, a claimant who was hired for a part time; second job almost a year to the day prior to the injury she…

    Posted 12/4/2018