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  • Vocational Rehabilitation in SC

    The SCWCC has recently announced that Ivey Drawdy, a counselor with the South Carolina Vocational Rehabilitation Department, will have an office (on a part-time basis) at the Workers’ Compensation Commission.  The Commission’s March 22, 2018 Business Meeting Report states that Ms. Drawdy will “meet with clients, answer questions, assist with referrals and other needs that…

    Posted 3/27/2018
  • Timely Filing of the 21 to Maximize Credit for Overpayment

    S.C. Code Ann. Section 42-9-260 requires that temporary total compensation payments must be continued until either the claimant consents in writing to the termination of such benefits or an evidentiary hearing is held.  There is no requirement in the Workers’ Compensation Act or the Regulations for the employer/carrier to actively pursue resolution by requesting either…

    Posted 3/8/2018