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January 2015 Blog

  • 2015 Net Present Value Tables

    You may recall that in May and June of last year, we told you that the South Carolina General Assembly had passed a regulation that would cause the discount rates for lump sum payments in a SC Workers’ Compensation claim to fluctuate from year to year, from a 2% per annum discount to a 5%…

    Posted 1/29/2015
  • 2015 SC WC Fundamentals

    Happy New Year!  The Workers’ Compensation group at Clement Rivers, LLP has put together an information sheet on South Carolina Workers’ Compensation laws, including information about scheduled members, SC forms, and compensation rates.  You may save this to your desktop for easy reference. As always, if you have any questions, feel free to give us…

    Posted 1/15/2015
  • Nicholson Reversed!

    As we told you in September of 2013, the Court of Appeals decided a case called Carolyn Nicholson v. South Carolina Department of Social Services and found that the DSS worker’s trip and fall while walking down the hallway at work was not compensable.  The Court of Appeals reasoned that there was nothing unusual or…

    Posted 1/14/2015
  • 2015 Max Comp Rate

    In case you were not aware, the South Carolina Workers’ Compensation has announced that the maximum compensation rate for 2015 is $766.05.  This is a $22.33 increase from 2014, which is in keeping with the typical increase from previous years.

    Posted 1/6/2015