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“Nine Lives” and Beyond

Robert Gruber

If you did not attend the South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Educational Association meeting in Hilton Head this past October 12-14, 2014, here is what you missed:

  1. You missed seeing Matt Riddle’s character physically assault Robert Gruber’s character on stage in front of a live audience;
  2. You missed seeing Leslie Whitten’s character go, in an instant, from hopeless desperation to furious and vengeful anger;
  3. You missed seeing Steve Rodenberg’s patrician character angrily berate his worthless ne’er do well son (played by Robert Gruber) as though the part was made for him;
  4. You missed watching Drake Rogers operate a spot light; and finally,
  5. You missed watching Robert Gruber’s wife, Laura Waring, prance onto the stage in 4” heels and a skin tight mini dress gyrating to “Is this Love” by White Snake (this part could not have been played by an associate or any Clement Rivers, LLP’s employee, lest Robert Gruber be sued and fired).

In short, you missed a lot. But don’t despair. Our attorneys are working on the play for our upcoming in-house client seminar to be held in March of 2015 here at the Clement Rivers, LLP’s office at 25 Calhoun Street, Charleston, SC 29401. But this time, we are doing something a little different, and we need your help. Rather than our choosing the topics to present, you get to choose the topics. So please, email us back and let us know what the next Clement Rivers, LLP play should be all about and come watch it all play out at the 8th Annual Clement Rivers, LLP Workers’ Compensation Spring Seminar. We will write it just the way you all want it!